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Ideas for Sales Awards

Sales Awards are the most common award given by companies to recognize individuals or teams that help drive revenue and growth. Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Performance Award recognition is something every salesperson looks forward to achieving during his or her career.

Sales Awards can be given unique names to make them truly stand out. Here are a few examples of fun Sales Awards we've produced: The Road Warrior, The Rising Star, The Whatever It Takes Award, Sales Shark Award, Never Say Never Award, The No Really Means Maybe Award, The Consider It Done Award, Sales Hero, and Rainmaker Award.

High value awards are typically presented to a team’s top sales performer, and are named accordingly: President's Award, Chairman's Circle Award, Pinnacle Award, Summit Award, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Sales Club are common ways we see this designation.


Ideas for Years of Service Awards

Recognizing employees for tenure is a popular way to show employees that they are valued for dedication to a company. Companies that tout high retention have been shown to have higher sales revenue and higher profit margins. The accomplishment of retaining employees over time should be rewarded at many intervals.

Common levels of Years of Service Awards include years of employment in these amounts: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service. We see a variety of crystal and glass or acrylic awards, art glass, plaques, and gifts, such as paperweights and nameplates given for various levels of Years of Service Awards. Typically, the size and value of the award increases with the length of service.


Ideas for Deal Toys or Tombstones

Banks, real estate offices, commercial lenders, private equity firms, venture capital groups, property management groups and more like to celebrate major accomplishments by providing Deal Toys or Tombstone Awards to major players.

These awards typically recognize Deals, Mergers and Acquisitions, and are often unique because there may be multiple company names and logos engraved on the award, or the award may recognize a dollar amount for the deal or come as recognition from an Industry Association.

A wide variety of crystal, glass, acrylic, or art glass and plaque awards can be used to recognize any of company milestone event.


Ideas for Retirement Recognition or Gifts

A retirement gift conveys respect and the value that an individual had within a company. Generally, a retirement gift is given to individuals who have worked for an organization for at least 5 years. We regularly see organizations giving retirement gifts for employees who have been with them for over 30 years. That is truly time for giving recognition!

Often, the Retirement Award or Retirement Gift will be presented at a specially planned event, meeting, luncheon, or retirement party. Many times, the company will also have a commemorative plaque created, representing individual work accomplishments, for display in a Hall of Fame at corporate offices, showing customers, vendors, and new employees how much they value long term employees.

There are a wide variety of options that are appropriate as Retirement Gifts. The personality of the individual, the type of position, the number of years worked, and the type of company will all play in choosing a memorable gift for the recipient. Here are some ideas and options that would make a great Retirement Gift, Plaque or Award.


Ideas for Sustainability Awards

Many organizations are instituting “green” or sustainability programs that incorporate, among other methods, reduced energy consumption, the use of alternative energy sources, and increased recycled component usage.

These environmental efforts can have significant positive impact on an organization’s bottom line while also creating a strong sense of global corporate responsibility in company stakeholders or shareholders, employees, vendors, and customers.

Presenting Eco-friendly awards that recognize efforts in planning and implementing sustainable practices helps to motivate and inspire others to continue development in these areas


Ideas for Sponsor/Donor Recognition

Recognizing individuals or companies who provide important contributions to a cause or as sponsorship for major projects is an important part of any fundraising effort. Whether the contributions were monetary, in-kind services, or another type of support, a gift of recognition will ensure that donors know how much their support is appreciated.

For many organizations, such contributions are categorized by size, assigning sponsors and donors with contribution levels such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

Other types of donors or sponsor level designation can be Sponsor, Supporter, Contributor, Sustainer and Patron; these contribution levels all typically receive special benefits and recognition through awards and award ceremonies. Larger Donors are often categorized into President's Circle, Chairman's Level, and the like. In general, the large contributors are given special recognition gifts to convey appreciation of the organization.